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can you do the otter dance?

i just got back from emlevs house and i have to say, it was a fun day. it started out with me meeting up with emily in town because it was just such a beautiful day i figured we should be outside enjoying the sun. we walked around for a bit, wondering what to get to eat and we ended up just getting starbies drinks which filled us right up. then we stopped over to this like b*witching beauty place in the underground mall that opened up like a week ago, it was nice but the people that worked there were like all up in us trying to get us to check everything and i was like um, im after that we called a mr. alex steinberg and he met up with us in town. we made our way towards rite aid and bought little toy water guns and a bottle of evian so we could fill it up (yes, high class water in the 99 cent water gun) after that, we ambushed some kids named libby, lauren, jenn, dan fan and claudia at vets with our water guns. ian met up with as after and then we kinda just peaced from them and went to the park so that emily could eat her pork dumplings from hunan (sounds like poonan). whilst in the park, a miss emily lucas drove up and was like AIMEE!!! and i was like YOOOOOOOO! so we talked for a little bit then she left and we walked to emilys house and hung out there for a while. will clark came over after a little bit and we ate pizza and played mario party (1). after the pizza and mario party, we played dream phone (emily made us, it turned out to be fun) and then we just sat and talked for a little bit. the conversation was intresting but it was a grand time for all. so i pretty much had a delightful spring day. yay. <3 aimee
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