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let all of oz agree-im WICKED through and through, since i can not succeed, fiyero in saving you...woah im checking out this new font, its spandiferous, i enjoy it. so whatever, wicked rocked my entire life and i am so freaken happy about it like  you wouldnt believe, it was just so terrific i cant even describe it online because i have to use hand movements and other things like that and its just, wicked was so spectacular and i cant believe that someone could dream up such a wonderous thing like wicked. what is this feeling so sudden and new? i felt the moment i laid eyes on you. my pulse is rushing, my head is reeling, my face is flushing, what is this feeling? but whatever, school starts up again tomorrow and im kinda excited for it because its the home stretch now for school being over and that makes me happy. i also want to get back into rehearsals because they are fun and thats another thing that makes me happy, well this break was pretty alright, i hung out with my mom alot. WICKED ROCKED MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!! its time to try defying gravity...and nobody in all of oz, no wizard that there is or was, is ever gonna bring me down!!!!! bring me down!!!!! ooooowwwwwwwwnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!! easter was nice yesterday, we had lamb but i obviously didnt eat it, i think i wrote about easter already in my last entry but i dont really watching oprah and i have dance later but im so tired. we took my sister earlier to meet her friend who will drive her back to school. im going to go stay with my sister at school in a few weeks, that'll be fun. :-D

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