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cmac's sweet 16, woot woot, im psyched.
okay so mcbrayers recital last night was AMAZING!

okay so NEW YORK MINUTE with MKA is coming out on MAY 7TH!!! im really really excited about it.

martini218: AIMEE, IM SO EXCITED

martini218: haha
martini218: this is going to Kick Ass
martini218: woowoo

thats in reference to New York Minute

FUN LAUGHS GOOD TIME FUN LAUGHS GOOD about it palsy? woaooooh, stop listening to showtunes aimee!

ever notice how LAUGH is spelled really funny? i think it should be like this-LAFF

oh so for CMAC's i got a polkadot halter dress and its really fun. its from h & m and it was only twenty bucks! i was like YAYYYY, i had mamas credit card though cause just my sister and i went and my mom said we could take it for my dress (yeah it was fun) the polkadots arent in a certain pattern, they are just everywhere. the dots are red, yellow, orange, and pink and i got red flipflops for it. yay!



i love everyone! im in such a good moooood! except for the fact that i didnt win for secretary, but thats alright, im going to run for delegate.


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SHIT ES C MACS IS GUNNA BE OFF THE HOOK!yay for inexpensive polka dot dresses!